Ssanyu Birigwa {She/Her}
M.S., in Narrative Medicine, Indigeneous Bone Healer Shaman
I AM A: Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Full Spectrum Doula Doula Educator Digital Doula
I ALSO SPECIALIZE IN: Abortion doula, Bereavement doula, Mental health practitioner
I AM: Black, BIPOC
LOCATION: I am based in Brooklyn, New York United States. My service area includes Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Hudson area, Queens, Greenwich, Westport, Hartford, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin.
ALONG WITH ENGLISH, I ALSO SPEAK: Luganda, Swahili, conversational french

My philosophy: to empower individuals to take control of their health and healing through narrative medicine, spirituality, and indigenous wisdom. This journey has led me to focus on supporting birthing individuals and their families during their transformative birthing experiences, providing them with the care, guidance, advocacy, and compassion they need. It is my passion to help individuals navigate their unique paths to motherhood, fostering empowerment & healing throughout their journey.

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