kemoy jemmott {She/They}
I AM A: Full Spectrum Doula Digital Doula
I ALSO SPECIALIZE IN: Abortion doula, Doula for system-involved people, Mental health practitioner, Prenatal fitness
I AM: Black, Queer
LOCATION: I am based in Berlin, Germany. My service area includes bronx, brooklyn, manhattan, queens, staten island, new orleans, los angeles, chicago, miami, berlin.
ALONG WITH ENGLISH, I ALSO SPEAK: German, some American sign language

I am passionate about supporting people through their journey of pregnancy and childbirth so that you can have a positive experience of bringing new life into your world.My interest lies in using movement and breath work as a way to maintain the connection between the mind and body throughout pregnancy and prepare for labor and birth. I can offer support virtually or in person and am happy to meet with you at any stage of pregnancy.

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